Going to get me a Honda Fit EV. Just got contacted by Honda and now setting up appointment to wire my garage for the charger.

I’m excited because I am one of the lucky 1100 people who can lease the Honda fit EV. This is after trying to get Tom Hanks plug-in hybrid prius. He had a nice car and I lost it at auction.

And considering the Nissan leaf which I did not really like because of small trunk space.

Anyways the Honda is the best of the three. After my lease is over I hope to get the Tesla model X. I love electricity!

A good review on the Honda Fit EV here: http://cgdailydrive.com/why-the-new-honda-fit-ev-is-the-best-electric-vehicle-you-cant-buy/

Another review with good picture set. http://m.cnet.com/reviews/2013-honda-fit-ev/35403630

A good discussion over at endless sphere forums.

’13 Honda Fit EV
Vehicle type Battery-powered, front-wheel-drive 5-door subcompact,
Electric motor AC synchronous
Power (SAE net) 123 hp/92 kW
Torque 189 lb.-ft. (256 Nm)
Transmission Single-speed automatic
Wheelbase 98.4 ins. (250 cm)
Overall length 162 ins. (411 cm)
Overall width 67.7 ins. (172 cm)
Overall height 62.2 ins. (158 cm)
Curb weight 3,252 lbs. (1,475 kg)
Base price $389 per month for 36 mos. ($36,625 MSRP)
Fuel economy 118 MPGe (29 kWh/100 mile)
Competition Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus EV, Mitsubishi i, Chevy Volt
Pros Cons
3 hours to full charge Lack of infrastructure
Fun-to-drive Smaller than Leaf
User-friendly app Unappealing HMI graphics

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I saw 98 miles range in the Fit EV yesterday (full charge, city speeds), and believe that is possible with care. High 80’s (city speeds) as the author states, doable. 70’s w highway speeds. I’m seeing 4.4 miles/kWH … which does calculate.

Price is a bit of a stumbling block. The Fit EV is only available for lease, and the tab for three years is $389 per month. Honda says that is equivalent to the monthly lease for a gas-powered Fit in similar upscale trim under similar terms with no money down. Both the Leaf and the Volt are a bit less expensive. Nissan recently cut the price for a Leaf lease to as low as $289 a month for 39 months. A three-year lease for the Volt goes for $369 a month.

In comparison